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Swept to the End

2007-10-23 06:05:54 by SecretSecretary

Hello there,
Id like to share with you guys a new game that I made called Swept to the End.
I submitted it today so I thought I might as well come over here and advertise it some more with a screenshot and all to ignite some appetites. So get on over there to my userpage and make my day. Check my game out and tell me what you think. I enjoyed making it most of the time, and I am damn happy its right on time for halloween. I hope you have fun.

Swept to the End


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2007-10-23 06:08:25

I just played it, I think its a pretty good game for Halloween.

SecretSecretary responds:

Nice, thanks a lot!


2007-10-23 08:15:45

all your flashes are inspiring and eyecandy! keep up the great work!

SecretSecretary responds:

Makes me feel all warm inside, thanks!


2007-10-23 20:48:56

it's an excellent flash! I really adored the style you created it, the animation is smooth, the vibe from it is dark from all corners. Very appropriate.

I am glad you found some of my tracks useful *MaestroSegments*! Well done, well done indeed! Faved!

SecretSecretary responds:

This is awesome. I am so happy you like the game seeing as I used quite a lot of your audio. Thanks for the compliments, your music is great as well!