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Hahaha! Hilarious!

The ending was awesome and I laughed my ass off. Really well animated man, that dick moves nicely, especially on ice skates. And about your reply to captainwillies... Yeah, a vaginal sequel sounds like the right direction to go.

Man this is the weirdest review I have ever written!

RatherRandomReality responds:

I'm working on a game right now, but once I'm done with it, I'll take on the PPP sequel, which will be called VVV I think (you are not wondering what the V's are for, right?).
Thank you for your time, man. I am keeping an eye on your stuff also. Keep them coming, you are very very talented.


The name didnt really inspire much in me, but after a few seconds into the movie I was immenseley glad that I decided to wait for the 12.5 mb load. It was a brilliant animation and story.

I love the post-apocalyptic back-story to it as well, and the animation and art was just great, except for the over-use of gradients (I hate gradients) and a lot of scenes where the backgrounds just seemed way too little detailed and just too bland for my taste.

But overall this was amazing and I loved it, thanks!


I love this.
Serene, mysterious, and very well animated!
I want to know more about both the dragon and the girl, please make more. With this and "Birds of a Feather" you have created an amazing world. Please make more!

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I cant believe the creativity that went into this game. I mean, WOW! The poetry is dark, mysterious and gripping just like the game. The fact that there are no instructions and that you have to figure things out for yourself just puts it all into harmony with the theme of the game. The art is also perfectly executed.

Coil is definitely experimental and innovative. There is nothing ordinary about it. I love it!

Surprisingly awesome!

Wow, this really impressed the hell outta me. At first I was like "yeah, cool animations and nice simple art style", but then I got blown away when I did the shift for the first time. This game is not only nicely done with good music and a cool slick art style, but it has brains. I love it!

I love everything about this game!

Mashhouse rules!
From the art to the gameplay, everyhting is great! I love the music, atmosphere and quirkiness of this game. It all kicks ass., except for one thing; the jumping. Its been mentioned before. It just doesnt feel natural. Anyway, considering Morbus and this game, you are now definitely one of my favourite flash artists!

Thanks for making flash games the way they should be. :)

exotworking responds:

I love your games too^^. And maybe I will make "morbus 2" one day..

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Great and small enough

Usually when I look for music here, I try to find something under 500kb and maximum 1mb. The size of this song is small enough, and the quality is great, and besides, I love the feeling. I like all your music and plan on using several of your songs (under 1mb limit) in my upcoming game. :)
I wont forget to give you credit!

HI! I've lived in Finland for about 4 years now, but Im originally from South Africa and I've lived in England for 2 and a half years. I love animating, making games, playing games, drawing, playing guitar, movies and music. Enjoy my flash!

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