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Swept to the End: Walkthrough

2007-10-24 10:16:31 by SecretSecretary

Swept to the End Walkthrough

1 Introduction
This level is, well, really easy. The only thing that can harm you is some fire on the ground. Jump over it by pressing up. Continue forward untill the cutscene cuts in.

2 The Dragon Chase
With an angry dragon behind you, the best bet would be to run like hell. Whenever the dragon is about to spit some fire, he turns red quickly, so that would be a good sign to jump. Then there are the bats. Just hit the A button to slash them with your axe whenever they are near. When you reach the doorway that leads outside, a gate will come crashing down before you. Hit the D button to make your horse kick it open. Run into the forest ahead.

3 The Dark Forest
In this level you will find more bats. The bats are easy and just there for a distraction against the real dangers. That would be the wolves. They come from all sides, but mostly from the front. Here you will need to use all your different attacks to survive. Whenever a wolf attacks from the front, press D to make your horse kick it. When a wolf comes from the back, press S to make the horse do a backwards kick. And when they come from both sides all at once, you probably will get hurt, just remember, you can also hurt them with your axe, so at moments like these it would be wise to just keep swingin your axe. For the bats, well, swing that axe! But the best tip for this level would be to keep running, because the wolves wont stop untill you have reached the other end of the Forest. Keep going until you get back to your burning village.

4 Rise of the Undead
Your fellow villagers who have died in the fires of the town came back from the grave, including your wife! They are not very hard to kill. Just kick them with your horse or go on a stampede while swingin your axe continuously, chopping their heads off. One good tip for this level would be to get rid of all the zombies first before you go too much forward, because there is an unworldly demon waiting to ambush you! When he arrives, dont panic. He is tough, but quite easy to kill once you know how. After landing in front of you, his first move would be to jump back up into the air to the left. Just hit him with your axe or kick him while he flies over you. He will land with great force and you should make sure that you are not close to him. He will then run towards you. Let him. When he gets close enough, he will stop and raise his arm to hit you. This is your qeue to run away. After his fists hits the ground, he will jump up into the air towards the right. Hit or kick him while he flies over you. He will land and run towards you again. Keep this up until he is dead. Run into the haunted woods, noting the flying witch in the background.

5 The Haunted Woods
Ghosts and living trees awaits you in these woods. Dispose of the ghosts in the exact same way you would dispose of the bats in previous levels. The tricky part is to get pass angry trees. One thing you must except is that you will get hurt. The first tree will hit towards the right, so stop when he wakes up, and wait for him to hit. He will go back to sleep, so it will be safe to continue. The second tree that wakes up will stay awake, and keep hitting every second or so. The trick with him is to run pass him right after his first hit, and before his second hit. From there you are on your own. Get to know the trees, learn their rhythm and be very careful. Keep going until you reach the witch of the forest who will reveal all of what is going on.

6 The Demon Parade
Yes you guessed it. Lots and lots of demons! And then some more demons! In this level you will have the power of lightning imbued into your axe given to you by the witch. To use this power, you need to press W and everything around you will be hit by thunderous lightning. You do have a limit of times to use this, so use it wisely. Everytime a white ball of light comes floating over the screen, catch it, because now it not only refills your health bar, but also your lightning bar, which in turn will let you be able to cast lightning again. When a demon is hit by lightning it will die immedietely. How is that for the power of gods at your fingertips? :) Anyway, the trick here is to only use lightning when there are more than one demon in the screen. Whenever there is only one demon it would be wiser to dispose of it the old-fashioned way, unless you have a confident amount of lightning power left in your lightning meter. This is a tricky level, but it is the second last level for gods sakes! So it shouldnt be easy. When you have defeated all of the demons, you will meet the evil Conjurer responsible for all the recent pain and sorrow in your life.

7 The Final Battle
Here you will have to kill the Dark Conjurer. The only catch is that he has drained you from all your power to cast lightning, and you simply cannot reach him. He flies a distance from you and laughs at your pity attempts to try and get to him. The only thing you can do is to dodge his oncoming fireballs that he shoots at you with his magical staff. Here you will also have to get to know the rhythm with which he shoots. He will shoot down at you and at times he will shoot straight ahead to hurt you when you jump. So when he shoots down, jump. When he shoots straight ahead, dont jump. When you finally have his rhythm in check and you can dodge every fireball that comes your way, how do you kill him then? Well, those lovely balls of white light that the witch is sending you from far away will come floating over the screen again. Everytime you catch one it will replenish one bar of your lightning meter as well as two bars of health. Then, shock the evil bastard with your godly power! You will have to shock him three times untill he dies, so be patient. Once he is dead, the outro movie will appear, so sit back and relaxe and watch how it all plays out.

If you still have trouble getting through certain parts of the game, feel free to give me a message here on newgrounds..

Thanks for playing!

Swept to the End: Walkthrough


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2007-10-24 11:12:00

hey, thats pretty useful, thanks!

SecretSecretary responds:

No problem man, its the least I can do.


2007-10-24 19:51:03

You should link this in your "Author Comments" part :3
Great game btw.

SecretSecretary responds:

Will do! I dont think its allowed to do links in the user comments section, but I'll mention it there anyway. Thanks man, good call.


2007-10-25 04:23:22



*salutes the queen whilst giving victory speech*

SecretSecretary responds:

Congratulations dude! Wasn't easy, was it? Well, for me its a piece of cake, but I MADE the damn game! I'm glad the walkthrough helped you man. Take care.


2007-10-26 01:58:33

i've actually managed to cheat my way through the undead level by right-clicking>play. it just skipped that level entirely. after i got the lightning it was easy. XP

SecretSecretary responds:

Oops. I've just tested it and realised you can do that with every level. If anybody read this and knows how to prevent that from happening, please give me a message about this. That's not nice.


2007-10-26 09:47:15

I managed to beat it without the walkthrough but its still pretty useful. As for the right click>play i notice that alot of flash submissions dont allow you to bring up a menu when right clicking. Im afraid i dont know how to configure a flash that way becuase i have never even used flash.

Keep up the good work!

SecretSecretary responds:

Congrats man! I'm glad you didnt use the walkthrough and got through it on your own. Oh and thanks for trying to help. You just made me realise its probably got something to do with the publish settings, so thanks a lot! I'll try to fix it some time.


2007-10-29 23:21:33

thanx for the walktrough; you did a great game. Very professional and entertaining.

SecretSecretary responds:

No problem, thanks for the compliments.


2007-10-30 08:19:39

Good game man btw

SecretSecretary responds:

thanks a lot


2007-10-30 11:36:48

didn't really need it... you only need your mouse to complete the game: rightclick>play, rightclick>play,... but at least i tried to do it the right way... 5 minutes

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah you can cheat through the game by skipping every level, but thats no fun is it? Glad you tried to do it the right way!


2007-10-30 15:23:05

Nice game, but a shame about the whole right clicking...
If you want to get rid of it, you can put this on the first frame of your game...
menu = new ContextMenu();
From this point forward, the right-click menu shall not have play, the zooms, etc. (but will still have the "settings" and "about" options, but that won't affect gameplay).

SecretSecretary responds:

Dude, thanks a lot!


2007-11-01 12:54:01

So what, does he kill himself?

SecretSecretary responds:

Maybe, but he has certainly reached the end of his lust for life!


2007-11-01 18:03:37

yea what hapens next wheres the end of the end

SecretSecretary responds:

Who knows, maybe this will continue someday :)


2007-11-01 20:22:38

I'm sure you heard you can right-click and "Play" through the whole thing, but it also enables an infinite health glitch. Although it's resolved if you grab a white light, it's still something you might wanna fix.

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah I just managed to hide the menu, and I also just uploaded the fixed version, but it will have to get approved first. Dunno how long that will take...


2008-01-12 13:35:54

I needed the demon-killing guide. xD The one in level 4 kept ganking me. Thanks for the help, SttE is now my favorite game on NG. ^-^

SecretSecretary responds:

Im so happy right now. It feels great to know people enjoy my creations. Im glad the walkthrough helped you out :)


2011-10-23 17:39:11

wow thanx for the walkthrough i got to the conjurer a while ago been a few months and i wanted to play this again and i need that walkthrough (btw very good job on the games) :) demons on both side and the dragon lvl nive touch XD


2011-10-23 17:40:42

i also figuredo ut that if u listen to music or somethign it helps you focus on what you got to do and get thru it faster