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Coming Soon!

2008-02-28 13:29:54 by SecretSecretary

The Rise of a Knight
A fantasy action/adventure hack 'n slash game about courage, treason, a loyal guard and his rise to knighthood. I expect it to be ready in about two weeks. Here's a screenshot of the main character encountering one of the many different creatures in the game. Keep an eye out for it.

Coming Soon!


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2008-02-28 13:37:12

Looks great,hopefully we'll see a preview soon :)

SecretSecretary responds:

The full game is coming out really soon, so I dont see the need to make a preview or demo. It would just slow down the finalizing process of the game.


2008-02-28 14:01:03

looks good i'll remember to look out for it

SecretSecretary responds:

Cool. Thanks!


2008-02-28 14:31:49

Looks great so far! Keep it going!

SecretSecretary responds:

I will thanks :)


2008-02-28 14:43:47

Killing werewolfs.
That sounds cool! :)

SecretSecretary responds:

Hahaha! Well they are just normal scary wolves. But dont worry there are some real monsters awaiting...


2008-02-28 15:37:19

It may be a good concept but even Paladin tried it.

Do you have any ideas to not make it so repetitive?

I mean, all you do is run across the screen cutting creatures in half.
Any gameplay twist to keep it from being boring?

SecretSecretary responds:

I think the Paladin crew did a great job in what they did with their game. It was awesome. This game however will not have an rpg side to it. Its pure action and adventure. Many elements have been incorporated into the game to prevent it from being too repetitive, but you'll just have to wait and see :)


2008-02-28 17:05:24

looks really cool i can;t wait to it on the front page.

SecretSecretary responds:

me neither :)


2008-02-28 17:11:26

*no words... but I'm sure I will add it to my favorites... looks amazing*

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks a lot.
I hope you like the actual game just as much when it comes out.


2008-02-28 20:39:39

Ohh, nice background. That's something I always have trouble with...

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks, I've been focusing a lot on backgrounds in particular...


2008-02-28 21:09:05


SecretSecretary responds:

Cool :)