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signing off

2008-03-14 08:25:43 by SecretSecretary

The Rise of a Knight will be released under my new username SeethingSwarm. I probably wont submit anything under SecretSecretary anymore, but Im not going to delete a thing from here either. All the submissions I have here will stay here forever. So go check some of them out! Anyway, here's another screenshot of The Rise of a Knight. To see more screenshots and get info, click here and here.

signing off


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2008-03-14 14:06:01

*Phew* When I saw this on the artist blogs part of the page I almost flipped out. I thought you were leaving NG all together. Glad to know you're staying ^_^

SecretSecretary responds:

that's cool. no im not going anywhere, just changing my name


2008-03-14 14:41:28

Looks good, SeethingSwarm, when are you submitting it? (what's wrong with SecretSecretary BTW)

SecretSecretary responds:

It has to go through some legal stuff first, but the game itself is ready, so hopefully in a week or so... nothing's wrong with SecretSecretary, i just got tired of it and decided to get a second one. I like them both, but right now Im going with SeethingSwarm :)


2008-03-14 19:43:41

I see you like names in which both words begin with S.

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah :) I only realised it once I came up with SeethingSwarm. I dunno why... habit.


2008-05-24 14:09:41

Bandit96 wuz here

SecretSecretary responds: